In Need of Repair: Acacia Mining’s Grievance Mechanism at North Mara Gold Mine, Tanzania

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RAID and MiningWatch Canada have engaged in extensive exchanges
with Acacia Mining over the past two years about security and
human rights concerns at the North Mara Gold Mine. Our
organisations have been critical of the continuing high level
of violence at the mine site and the lack of a transparent and
effective remedy programme.

In March 2016, RAID and MiningWatch Canada and their legal
advisors had a preliminary discussion with Acacia at the
company’s offices in London. The purpose of the meeting was to
clarify the process and procedures of North Mara’s Non-Judicial
Grievance Mechanism for the victims of excessive use of force
by mine security and police guarding the mine.

In our latest memorandum* –
In Need of Repair: Acacia Mining’s Grievance Mechanism at North
Mara Gold Mine, Tanzania
– RAID and MiningWatch Canada
identify a number of problems with the current arrangements:

  • Absence of a comprehensive remedy framework document
  • Lack of clarity about how claims are investigated
  • Lack of clarity about how claims are accepted or rejected
  • Complainants lack access to adequate, independent legal
  • Use of legal waivers

RAID and MiningWatch Canada make a number of recommendations on
how these problems should be addressed, including:

  • that Acacia promptly make public all documents relevant to
    the grievance process, so that any interim safeguards necessary
    to protect the interests of claimants can be introduced without
    delay, and
  • that Acacia open up a transparent and inclusive process to
    create a comprehensive rights-compatible remedy framework. If
    such a consultation process were created, MiningWatch and RAID
    would participate.

* The memorandum was revised following further
communications with Acacia and reposted.

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