Cliffs Should Stop Pointing Fingers, Check Its Corporate Ego Before Resuming Work on Ring of Fire

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On Wednesday, US mining company Cliffs Natural Resources announced that it was ceasing work on the environmental assessment process for its high profile chromite project in the area of northern Ontario dubbed the “Ring of Fire”. Cliffs’ announcement poutedly pointed the finger at the province for not approving the terms of reference the company drafted • Read More »

Global Condemnation of Barrick’s Effort to Secure Legal Immunity from Rape Victims

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For many years Papua New Guineans, with the support of MiningWatch Canada and other international organizations, have demanded that Barrick Gold acknowledge a long-standing pattern of vicious beatings, rapes and gang rapes of local indigenous women by security guards at the Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) mine, operated and 95% owned by Barrick. [1] After years • Read More »

Is Mine Closure in Ontario Protecting the Public?

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Across Canada past mining activities have left a legacy of degraded environments and contaminated sites that were not rehabilitated by the mine operators and became public liabilities. These have included extreme cases of the privatization of profits and the socialization of costs like the Giant Mine in Yellowknife and the Kam Kotia Mine in Ontario • Read More »